Mexico's largest airline is trolling the United States

Aeromexico has released yet another advertising slot with President Donald Trump's policies directly in the crosshairs.
"Mexico's first destination is America, but America's first destination is not Mexico," the ad begins. "So we went to a typical
American town to ask why they don't consider Mexico an option to travel to."

Now, the United States is a diverse place with more than 325 million citizens, but the Mexican flag carrier was able to find
some Americans who, in their own words, were absolutely not planning on going to the US' southern neighbor anytime

Aeromexico, of which Delta Air Lines owns a 49% stake, then took a play out of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's book and
convinced those people to take a DNA test to see if they had Mexican heritage that they didn't know existed.

You probably guessed where this was going, but many of those same people did in fact have some heritage traceable to
Mexico. The airline then turned any percentage found in the test into a matching discount on fares to Mexico.

"That's b------t," one person said in the ad. Others were just as surprised. "I love discounts," said another.

The ad goes on to cite Department of Homeland Security stats that show Mexican immigration to the United States goes
back as far as the 1800s, centered understandably in southern states.

And it's not Aeromexico's first time to directly take on Trump's rhetoric with commercials, either.

In 2016, a similar ad featured emotional images of border fences, riots, and protests shortly after Trump's inauguration.

"There are no borders within us," the ad finishes.