Suspected Binghamton killer Orlando Tercero looks slightly worse for wear, sporting a bandage on his forehead in
police custody in Nicaragua.

Police here have named Tercero a person of interest in the slaying of fellow SUNY Binghamton nursing student Haley
Anderson, who was found dead last Friday in Tercero’s apartment.
Tercero fled to Nicaragua last week after allegedly telling his sister he had done “something bad” and was a “disgrace to the
Anderson’s roommate, Josephine Artin, told The Post on Tuesday that she found the dead woman’s body in Tercero’s bed
after tracking down Anderson using the Find My Friends phone app.
She claimed Tercero and Anderson were mired in a love triangle, and that “obsessive and crazy” Tercero was jealous of the
dead woman’s boyfriend.
Nicaraguan police arrested Tercero Tuesday and walked him in front of media Wednesday.
The 22-year-old appears to have a fat lip and a bandage on his head, according to photos, but it was not immediately clear
how or when he was injured.
He appears calm, wearing glasses, a blue zip-down sweater and blue jeans. Tercero is flanked by four masked police officers
— two of whom are carrying AK-47-style rifles.
“Orlando is being detained by Nicaraguan authorities while matters are being further investigated,” his attorney, Michael
Bachner, told The Post.
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