Cop-killer Herman Bell was granted parole after finally admitting that he isn’t a “political prisoner” — just a
murderer, according to the Parole Board’s decision.

“There was nothing political about the act, as much as I thought at the time. It was murder and horribly wrong,” Bell is
quoted as saying in a report released Wednesday.
“It was horrible, something that I did, and feel great remorse for having done it.”
A majority of the board members voted to free the now 70-year-old Bell — one of three Black Revolutionary Army thugs
who executed Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones in 1971 — after also taking into consideration his low likelihood
of re-offending, age and time behind bars.
“Said consideration has led the majority of this panel to concur that your release is not incompatible with the welfare of
society and further believes you can live a law-abiding life,” the board wrote.
This was the eighth time Bell had gone before the board since 2004.
Bell had maintained for decades that he was a political prisoner who was framed — and only admitted to the cold-blooded
slaughter of the two cops in 2012.
But this time, the panel bought his newfound remorse.
“Throughout the interview, the panel noted your regard for the pain and suffering you caused the family of the victims. You
repeatedly expressed your regret and remorse for your crimes, and asked for forgiveness. Your admission denoted
maturation and insight,” the board wrote.
Bell will be released April 17, according to the report.