Suspected MS-13 gang members charged in NC with Virginia murder
RALEIGH - Police on Monday detained two suspected MS-13 gang members who are wanted in Virginia for

Denis Ludwin Espinal-Alvares, 19, of Oxon Hill, Md., and Erick Alexander Contreras-Gonzalez, 23, of Hernshaw, W.Va.,
were both charged with being fugitives from justice, according to arrest warrants filed Tuesday at the Wake County
Magistrate's Office.
The men were arrested at 606 Whitehead Ave. in Wilson, according to records filed with the City County Bureau of
Identification. They smiled while getting their mug shots taken during processing into the Wake County jail.
Police in Prince William County, Va., have accused the two men with the March 13 shooting death of an unknown victim,
described in the arrest warrants as a "Spanish male."
Investigators say Espinal-Alvares, who is known as "Destino" and Contreras-Gonzalez, who is known as "Callado," abducted
the victim from his home in the Woodbridge area at about 4:15 a.m. They say the men took the victim to an unspecified
location, shot him five times and then placed him in the trunk of his own car.
They returned two days later and set the vehicle on fire in an attempt to dispose of the victim's body, according to police.
Contreras-Gonzalez is also known as "Erick Yomar Contreras-Navarr," according to CCBI records.
The two men are described by the National Crime Information Center as MS-13 gang members who should be considered
armed and dangerous. MS-13 originated in El Salvador and is considered one of the most violent street gangs in the world.
Espinal-Alvares and Contreras-Gonzalez were both in custody Tuesday at the Wake County jail. They are being held
without benefit of bail, according to the warrants.