Six die as Bolivian police storm prison
Six inmates were killed in a notoriously overcrowded prison in Bolivia on Wednesday when police stormed the

About 2,000 officers raided Palmasola prison in Santa Cruz before dawn. The move followed an uprising last week by
inmates disgruntled over the removal of certain privileges.
Police chief Alfonso Mendoza said there had been "complete lawlessness" inside the lockup, which has the reputation for
being one of Bolivia's most violent.
More than 5,200 people are held in Palmasola, but only a few hundred have been sentenced. The others are awaiting trial.
Deputy Interior Minister Jose Luis Quiroga said the six inmates killed had been "resisting the police incursion" with firearms.  
Police said they had regained control of the prison after seizing vast amounts of drugs, alcohol and weapons.
The prison uprising started nearly 10 days ago, after the Bolivian government banned children younger than 6 from visiting
incarcerated relatives.
Pope Francis visited Palmasola in 2015 and met inmates who complained about inhuman conditions.