Some of the highlight features include a new option called Screen Time that shows how long you've been using apps on
your phone. If you're worried about using one too much, like Facebook, you can set a timer so that it won't open after a
predetermined amount of usage in a single day.

Apple also improved notifications, allowing you to group them and dismiss them much quicker, instead of flooding your
lock screen with loads of messages.

There's a totally redesigned Stocks app that becomes a lot more useful for casual market watchers. It lets you track your
portfolio like before, but will also show news on all of the companies you follow. You can also tap a stock to see historical

Another new feature, Memoji, lets you create an animated digital version of yourself. It's a lot like Animoji, which were
introduced in iOS 11 for the iPhone X, and can mimic your facial expressions using the front-facing camera on your iPhone
X. It's not supported by devices that don't have Face ID.

A new Measure app is also included in the release, and lets you measure almost anything with your iPhone using the
augmented reality features in iOS. The beta version wasn't a perfect replacement for a regular measuring tape, but it's good
if you need a quick estimate when you're in a bind and don't have a real tape measure.

Siri is getting improved, too, with new Siri Shortcuts. It will let you create custom commands for Siri. If you want to use it
to set a command to open the News app when you say "check the news," for example, you can do that.

Apple also says iOS 12 will be faster, which means you should see apps open a bit quicker than before, and might notice
less lag if your iPhone has been feeling slower. Apple says this specifically applies to when you're multitasking, or running
lots of apps at the same time.

Group FaceTime, which will let you hold a video call at the same time with multiple people, was delayed from the initial
iOS 12 release. It will come later in a separate update.

The update will be released later Monday. Apple typically pushes them out sometime after 1:00 p.m. Eastern time. Here's
how you can install it on your iPhone or iPad:

Open Settings.
Tap General
Tap "Software Update"
Your iPhone or iPad will check for an update and, if it's available, will begin to download it.
iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads is coming out today, here's how to install it

Apple will release its next big iPhone and iPad update Monday. It's called iOS 12 and it has a lot of new features, but also
seems like a big refinement over iOS 11, which Apple released last year.