Long Island Man Arrested For Shooting Down Drone

Police on Long Island have arrested a man accused of shooting a drone that was sent up to look for a missing dog.
Suffolk County Police say 26-year-old Gerard Chasteen was in his yard in St. James when he shot the drone out of the sky around
4:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Missing Angels-Long Island, an organization that searches for missing pets, were reportedly using a “Mavic 2 Zoom” drone to
search for a missing dog when it passed over Chasteen’s house – that’s was when the Bay Shore rescue group says they lost
contact with it.

They were able to track it back to Chasteen using the unmanned vehicle’s GPS.

Investigators have determined that the 26-year-old fired three shots at the robot. The Suffolk County man was arrested and
charged with criminal mischief and prohibited use of a weapon.

Officers also confiscated several shotguns from the house during the arrest.